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Intelligence Agent F.C. Scott flights to the death near Mt. Kilimanjaro - 10 March 1915

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Looking towards Epiron from the north-east. Kilimanjaro in the right background.

In early 1915 German patrols regularly came down from camps on Mount Kilimanjaro and raided the herds of Masai cattle grazing on the plains to the north-east, which lay in British East Africa (Kenya).

The British established defensive camps firstly at Loosoito, and then they moved to Epiron, seen in the top left corner of the sketch map above. Epiron was nearly on the German East Africa (Tanzania) border.

On 10th March 1915 40 sepoys of the 2nd Kashmir Rifles, accompanied by British East African Intelligence Agent Warrant Officer Class I F.C. Scott, patrolled from Epiron to Loitokatok, But the Germans were watching.

A water hole near Loosoito at dawn

After a four-hour march the patrol reached Loitokatok and formed a bivouac in a hollow on the plain where there was a spring. The patrol Commander, Major R.A. Lyall, took a reconnaissance patrol to a hill two miles away, so that he could observe the plain. Intelligence Agent Scott stayed in the bivouac as he was not feeling well.

When on the hill Major Lyall heard firing from the bivouac and he returned to find that an enemy patrol had silently approached and attacked the British bivouac, killing or capturing 10 sepoys and Intelligence Agent Scott. The enemy had then disappeared into the plain.

Warant Officer Scott had been seen by one of the 5 survivors from the bivouac fighting to the last, surrounded by a group of sepoys. Major Lyall searched the area and took the remainder of his patrol back to Epiron, as he did not want to risk the threat of German reinforcements arriving.

Warrant Officer F.C. Scott and the sepoys who died with him are commemorated on the British & Indian Memorial in Nairobi, part of a panel of which is seen below.

The death of Intelligence Agent A.R. Wadeson is decribed in the article featuring the Mzima Column.

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