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Dar es Salaam Occupied - September 1916

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The old German Cemetery in Dar Es Salaam

To quote from the British Official History:

"At long last the possession of the seat of government and principal port of German East Africa, and of the terminal section of the Central Railway - now about to come finally under Allied control throughout its whole length of 780 miles - had given the Commander in Chief the new base and shortened line of communication of which he had been so long and so urgently in need."

German colonial building in Dar Es Salaam.
"No immediate benefit could be expected, owing to the destruction of the railway bridges and much of the rolling stock."
German gun constructed in Dar Es Salaam Railway Workshops and now displayed in the city Museum.

"But the work of repair was quickly put in hand, and by the 4th October 1916 supplies were going forward from the new base."

The striking Askari Memorial in Dar Es Salaam city centre.

"General Headquarters, which had been at Korogwe up to the 4th September 1916 and was at Tanga from the 5th to the 11th, opened at Dar Es Salaam on the 12th September."

Wall panels in the old post office near Dar Es Salaam Harbour.

"Soon afterwards patrols pushing westwards along the railway established contact with the main British force by way of Morogoro."

British Memorial commemorating Empire soldiers, Carriers and general workers who were buried in adjacent plots that were re-developed, with screen walls installed to name the deceased. Dar Es Salaan War Cemetery.

No. 3 East African Stationary Hospital was located in Dar Es Salaam, which became an embarkation port for those wounded Allied soldiers who could safely be repatriated.

The Hindu and Sikh Memorial to those cremated according to their faith. Dar Es Salaam War Cemetery.

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